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Setting up your Project

What is the proper way to setup a group project? How do we make the best our of our IDE to increase code quality and productivity?

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Journey to the Web

I have just finished my coding bootcamp, got my computer science degree or build my first full stack web application, what's next for me and where do I go from here?

Join the Scrum!

How does a software engineering team typically operate and what are the different rituals that they do in a typical sprint? Who should a team consist of?

It's Story Time

Now that we have learned about Scrum, what actually goes on during the Sprint Planning session? How do we organize our tasks? How do we allocate them?

Single Source of Truth

The database is every web application's single source of truth. So how to we design a database that is reliable and error free?

Designing the Interface

The User Interface of every web application is what causes the customer to stay and use the site. How do designers come up with the design? What is a good design?