Low Yong Cheng

Hello everyone!

I am Yong Cheng or YC for short.
I am a Web Software Engineer at Glints, part-time teacher at Le Wagon and a Sports Enthusiast.

Latest Tech Articles

Setting up your Project

What is the proper way to setup a group project? How do we make the best our of our IDE to increase code quality and productivity?

Project highlights

NUS Students' Sports Club

I developed a company website for the club. This was my first project using react.

My Personal Website

Coded using NextJS and deployed through my own personal webserver on a RaspberryPi3.

AirBnB Clone

This is a project done using Ruby on Rails, mainly for students in Le Wagon students to see my twist on it.

Who am I?

Low Yong Cheng

I am Yong Cheng or YC, I grew up studying in various international schools in particular Shanghai Community International School, Dulwich College Shanghai and Sha Tin College Hong Kong.

During my free time, I will write Tech Articles to share my learning experience as a web software engineer. I hope that these articles will help my students and others transition into the Software Engineering careers. These articles are mainly targeted at junior web software engineers. If you are a mid or senior level, feel free to take a peek at them if you are free.

You can find out more about me in the about section.